Marketing Tools

When it comes to marketing your presence at events, The NBM Show has the tools for success! From At-Show Advertising to Targeted Event eMedia.

Wondering if pre-show marketing is worth it?

Take a look at these stats according to CEIR:

  • FACT: 76% of attendees arrive at the show with an agenda.
  • FACT: Attendees spend quality time with 26 exhibitors at a show.
  • FACT: Half of these 26 exhibitors scheduled these appointments in advance.
  • FACT: Direct mail motivates 53% of previous show attendees and 29% of newcomers to visit your booth.
  • FACT: The frequency of mailings increases booth attendance – Your first mailing will get a 25% response but sending three mailings to the same audience will increase your response rate to 75%.
  • FACT: 33% of attendees visit a booth in response to an ad.
  • FACT: Exhibitors who advertise attract 56% more attendees than those who do not.
  • FACT: The #1 way to attract a customer to your booth is with an invitation.
  • FACT: 90% of attendees use exhibitions as the #1 source of purchasing information.


Contact your trade show sales manager for more information and additional opportunities.